IPF/ILD Education

Educational resources for physicians involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).

Early referral and treatment is important! Join Dr. Amy Olson in this series of exciting, fast-paced videos on ILD and IPF.


This series reviews the latest advances from recent scientific meetings.


These interactive cases provide an opportunity for analyzing and evaluating actual patient scenarios. Cases outline the patient history, specific pulmonary disease progression information, and are often supplemented with radiographs, PFTs, serology, and biopsy results.

This section features insightful audio commentary from a multidisciplinary group of experts in interstitial lung disease. Faculty address clinically relevant topics identified by IPF experts.

Diagnosis and management of IPF are complex and evolving. This monograph series offers evaluations of critical topics.


Webinars offer a variety of presentations from worldwide experts in the field of IPF.

This Reading Room provides practical synopses of articles by IPF experts and other distinguished authors. Each summary includes a link to the article abstract.


The PILOT Resources Page provides a robust Slide Library, Image Library and many tools for patients and clinicians.

Interactive newsletters capture the latest updates and review clinical pearls in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with IPF.  

This activity provides a way for pathologists to enhance their understanding regarding the diagnosis and management of IPF.

This forum houses frequently asked questions related to IPF with answers from the expert faculty.




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